Information Session Display Boards

7 months ago

The information below was presented at our information sessions hosted late 2019. You can download a copy of the display boards here.

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Recreational amenity

water based recreational amenity word cloud land based recreational amenity word cloud
Water based recreational amenity word cloud Land based recreational amenity word cloud

What we heard

Many people have fond memories of family times and want their children to be able to enjoy the area the way they have done in the past.

Yarra Bay is treasured for its unique calm waters, which make it great for swimming, including for children and older people.

The community values Yarra Bay as their local beach for its scenery, fauna, outlook and peaceful nature.

Locals see this terminal as part of a wider trend towards development in the area, which is placing increasing pressure on local infrastructure.

"Will the project build new natural recreation areas of this scale to replace what is lost to the local community?"

"I love spending time here with friends in summer months…and the little boat that comes in with ice creams and drinks"

"Lovely place to lie in the sun, collect seashells, walk along the beach, watch other people having fun"


  • A cruise terminal will mean water-based recreational activities are impacted and users will be unable to safely swim, wakeboard, kayak, surf, paddle ski or tube in the bay.
  • Yarra Bay and Molineux Point will operate under an exclusion zone for anglers and fishers, based on experiences with development at Port Botany.
  • Social equity and the ‘fairness’ of a proposal – as community members who do not cruise experience the loss of open space and social amenity.
  • A terminal may destroy the lifestyle, amenity and social links with the area such as collecting shells with their children, riding bikes along the track adjoining the Bay, and watching dolphins and whales during their migration season.


  • What are the potential impacts of a terminal and its operations on sailing activities, sailing lessons for children and the long-term viability of Yarra Bay Sailing Club?
  • Will there be a loss of open space, and if so how will it will be offset?

How we are responding

The design of any potential cruise terminal will preserve recreational uses where possible.

In other terminals operated by Port Authority, including those in Sydney Harbour, waterside restricted zones are in place only on cruise days. This means recreational vessels can not approach within 50m of a ship on cruise days.

There are no restricted zones on non-cruise days.

Any design of a terminal would also consider high-energy wave climates and other hydrodynamic conditions on valued activities such as sailing, kayaking and fishing.

Potential options for future planning include:

  • Supporting habitats and breeding grounds that encourage important and endemic species. This could include artificial reefs, flora and fauna or fish breeding grounds.
  • Working with the community to investigate investments in other recreational facilities, for example kayak launches or swimming enclosures.
  • Providing improvements to beach and shore-based facilities that improve access and use, for example landscaping, lighting, boardwalks, and parking improvements.

Environmental impacts

Environmental impacts word cloud

Environmental impacts word cloud

What we heard

Yarra Bay is valued as a viewing spot for passing dolphins and whales.

Yarra Bay’s waters are valued for their marine life and as a habitat for species including seals, penguins, pygmy pipehorse, redfingered anglerfish and weedy seadragon.

"Great diving location with great diversity of marine life and aquatic plants and soft corals. It’s a delicate marine environment"


  • Operational impacts of a potential terminal including air pollution, oil spill, sewage and pollution from increased vehicle and ship traffic.
  • Impact of a potential terminal on the ecosystem and functioning of Yarra Bay and the wider Botany Bay area.
  • Construction of a possible breakwater, including any dredging that may be required and any flow on effects to the surrounding coastline, such as sand movement and erosion.
  • Desire to understand how widely impacts would be felt across Botany Bay, driven by concerns about previous development activities.

How we are responding

  • Terminal design would aim to minimise dredging by making use of existing shipping channels, deep water and the breakwater constructed in the 1970s.
  • Terminal structure would minimise disturbance on bay currents as much as possible.
  • Terminal would be designed and operated within best practice guidelines for environmental sustainability and performance, including sustainability measures for waste management, energy efficiency, air and water quality standards.

Social and cultural values

Social and cultural values word cloud

Social and cultural values word cloud

What we heard

The area is recognised for its rich cultural history, both for Aboriginal people and non- Aboriginal people, who have deep family links to the local area, including around La Perouse and Bare Island.

We heard the La Perouse people are ‘salt water’ people and that maintaining a connection to the waters of Yarra Bay is fundamental to identity and for future generations.

Locals feel linked to the area through connections with the Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park.

"My relatives are buried in this cemetery and our extended family visit often to pay their respects"

"This is where we were taught about local Aboriginal cultures and how to connect with the land. This place holds lots of historical importance to locals"


  • Uncertainty around what a terminal might mean for Aboriginal cultural practices and ongoing use of the area for fishing and education.
  • Potential impacts of a terminal on the ongoing Aboriginal connection to Country, especially given its past significance.

How we are responding

  • We have started consulting with the La Perouse Aboriginal Land Council.
  • Our planning will reflect the unique characteristics and qualities of the area.
  • A potential terminal would be cognisant of the cultural heritage considerations of the location and the area’s links to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal heritage, and aim to minimise any impacts on existing cultural practices and the rich history of the area.

Traffic and transport

Traffic and transport word cloud

Traffic and transport word cloud

What we heard

Existing transport options in the area are already constrained.

Links to the Sydney CBD via public transport are poor.

There is a desire for a public transport-led solution, such as improved bus connectivity, light rail extension, or metro or heavy rail.

"Our roads are already over congested, public transport in and out of the area is poor"


  • Traffic and transport networks need to be enhanced to cope with the additional demands of a cruise terminal.
  • Traffic issues in the area surrounding Yarra Bay will worsen with a cruise terminal and other local projects including higher density residential developments.

How we are responding

Should the cruise terminal project be approved, the terminal would be supported by investments and upgrades to transport and traffic networks that could help improve traffic more broadly in the local area.

We are working with Transport for NSW to investigate ways to reduce traffic impacts and help ensure future transport strategies covering the South East region consider the traffic and transport needs of a potential cruise terminal and other proposed developments.

Potential options for future planning include operational measures such as:

  • Planning passenger embarkation/disembarkation times to minimise the impact during peak traffic times.
  • Using remote transport hubs to shuttle staff, passengers and/ or crew to a terminal.

Local impacts and benefits

Local impacts and benefits word cloud

Local impacts and benefits word cloud

What we heard

There is a perceived tension between economic gain for private interests and significance of the proposal for an area valued by ‘every day local people’.

"How will this project add value or add some benefit to the surrounding areas of Molineux Point and Yarra Bay?"

"Yarra Bay Sailing Club is an institution with a vibrant and long history. It is a cultural hub and meeting place for members and guests"


  • How would a potential terminal benefit the local community, businesses and surrounding areas?
  • Financial implications on local council resources.

How are we responding?

A key additional benefit of cruise comes from the pre and post cruise activities of passengers and from providing support services to crew.

There are many wider economic benefits associated with a potential terminal and cruise operations – for example, cruise lines increasingly focus on providoring ships with locally-sourced food and wine.

The project will consider local economic opportunities that may arise from the potential terminal, such as integration with local businesses and tour operators. Should the project progress, these opportunities would be more fully explored.